Natural Area Management and Habitat Restoration

Jeff Krueger Environments (JKE) has extensive experience in the area of natural resource planning, habitat assessment, site analysis, and best management practices for natural areas. Experience spans a broad range of native habitats including prairies (upland and wetland), oak woodland, riparian, coniferous forest, and oak-pine savanna. Expertise includes identification and mapping of habitat types and vegetation communities, site analysis, photo monitoring, restoration techniques, and development of site specific management plans for public and private lands.


Park and Open Space Planning

Park and open space planning ranging from site specific to regional scales is an area of expertise for JKE. Experience includes developing regional scale park and open space visions for areas that span multiple jurisdictional boundaries, developing park system master plans for cities, and planning for individual parks.


Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Outdoor Recreation

JKE has expertise in the area of planning and design of shared-use paths, trails, and nature-based recreational facilities. This includes concept planning, development of design standards, developing bicycle and pedestrian elements of Regional Transportation Plans, and preparing related grant applications for project implementation.


Urban Planning

JKE has experience in the areas of downtown planning, streetscape design, development code audits and updates, and land use planning.


Public Involvement and Facilitation

JKE has over twenty years of experience in public outreach and facilitation of project team meetings, design charrettes, and public events.


Project Management and Collaboration

JKE has extensive project management experience, strong interpersonal skills, and a proven ability to work collaboratively with citizen groups, elected officials, and a range of agencies and organizations. Specialties include managing or coordinating projects, directing partnership efforts, and building consensus.


Cartography and Graphic Design

JKE has expertise in the development of highly illustrative maps, brochures, presentations, reports, and photo imaging products. We specialize in map and graphic products that are clean and concise and clearly present complex information.